Sunday, January 12, 2014

hey it's been awhile

I am not even sure if I'm prepared to do a blog today but it sure feels awful not being able to see anything new on my page. Thus, I really feel like sitting down for awhile and see if I can make even just a single update.

It was a fun December last year for me. I can't remember exactly how many parties I joined and went to but I had remembered what it felt to celebrate with friends and family. At a company Christmas party where there was a raffle draw, I won and brought home an induction cooker. I've never been lucky with raffle draws. Almost always, my name would never get picked that I never expected to win anything anymore. Anyway, I'm glad I won that appliance. It's good to have one so that we can have something  we can conveniently use when our gas stove runs out of LPG.

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